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Northeast Acquirers Association
2019 Annual Conference
Exhibitor Registration
The NEAA 2019 Annual Conference is open to everyone participating in or interested in learning more about the Merchant Acquiring Industry.
Exhibitor (Vendor) Defined
An Exhibitor is defined as any person(s) or company that solicits another NEAA attendee to sell their product. Exhibitors can be identified by the color of their name badge. Only exhibitors may solicit business while the conference is in session. Please report any solicitation by a non-exhibitor to a Board Member immediately.

All exhibitors must be registered and paid before participating in the conference. Any person(s) or company that has attended a previous NEAA Conference as an exhibitor will be recognized as an exhibitor for the current and future events. Any person(s) or company recognized as an exhibitor may not register as an attendee.

Suitcasing by any of the above, i.e. gaining access to the event to solicit business in the aisles or other public spaces used for the conference is not permitted. This practice skirts the support of the vendor/exhibitors and sponsors who have contributed time and money to exhibit at the conference. Anyone who is observed to be acting as an exhibitor/vendor and soliciting business, booking meetings in the public spaces or handing out information on their business who is not a registered vendor will be asked to leave immediately. Any Hospitality suites and usage of Meeting Rooms must be approved prior to the event by the NEAA Executive Board.
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Where & When
Venue Map Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott
1 Hotel Rd
Newark, NJ 07114
(973) 623-0006
Wednesday, January 16, 2019 – Thursday, March 7, 2019
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